Sigfrid Karg-Elert Edition, Vol. 6


Elke Voelker (Organ)
Lüdenscheid, Christuskirche; E.F. Walcker Organ (III,1902) opus 1035.


Choral Improvisations op.65,
vol. 3+4
New Year / Easter / Ascension / Pentecost

Vol.3 – New Year, Easter and other Holydays

  • All Glory be to God on High G major [op.65,23]
  • Jehovah, let me now adore Thee C major [op.65,24]
  • Ere yet the dawn hath filled the skies E minor [op.65,25]
  • Jesus, helpconquer! Thou prince ever-living A major [op.65,26]
  • Jesus Christ, my sure defence C major [op.65,27]
  • Praise, O my soul, the Lord of glory B flat major [op.65,28]
  • Deal with me, God, in mercy now E flat major [op.65,29]
  • When theses brief trial-days are spent D major [op.65,30]
  • To God the Lord be praises B flat major [op.65,31]
  • Strive aright when God doth call thee F major [op.65,32]
  • Wake, awake, for night is flying C major [op.65,33]

Vol.4 – Ascension, Pentecost

  • Alas! My God! My sins are great B flat major [op.65,34]
  • God who madest earth and heaven A major [op.65,35]
  • Lord, as Thou wilt, deal Thou with me A major [op.65,36]
  • Lord Christ! I give Thee praises A major [op.65,37]
  • Jesus, priceless treasure D minor [op.65,38]
  • Come, Holy Spirit, God and Lord G major [op.65,39]
  • Oh would, my God, that I could praise Thee G major [op.65,40]
  • Thou who breakest every chain E flat major [op.65,41]
  • Eternity, Thou word of fear E flat major [op.65,42]
  • O God, Thou faithful God [ F major [op.65,43]
  • O Morning Star! how fair and bright F major [op.65,44]

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Newsletter Note 1 (S. 8), März 2012, 3. April 2012
Karg-Elert Archive London, Newsletter, May 2012

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